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Page Fixing

‍Remove Discussion Area and widget
Correct grammatical errors
Correct punctuation errors
Correct spelling errors
Correct formatting (i.e. clear styles, match color and other elements to the Sample Page)
Correct Chapter number(s)
Correct Page number(s)
Correct citations to APA or MLA format
Correct a definition to match the textbook
Add a news summary to an existing external link
Add a summary to an existing video
Fix (embed) videos that are links
Start a discussion about an existing mnemonic
Start a discussion about an existing analogy
Correct location of page elements (i.e. move an example from the Analogies section to the Examples section)
Start a discussion about the proper location of a page element
Start a discussion about the quality/appropriateness of a video or picture
Fix Table of Contents issues (i.e. lines of text showing up in the TOC--change from heading to normal)‍

Page Organizing

Link Related Pages
Link to Chapter Pages
Add to Special Page Problems discussion

Page Building

Add a definition
Add Chapter number(s)
Add Page number(s)
Add APA Citations
Add example(s)
Add links to news stories
Add links to studies
Add Videos
Add Pictures
Add an analogy
  • Analogies are comparisons from one topic to another to help the information make more sense, thus helping you to learn better. Be careful that your analogies are more than just examples. Most analogies will fall into the pattern of: If (subject) is like basketball, then (vocab word) would be like (basketball term).
Add a mnemonic
  • Mnemonics (along with analogies) are the most critical part of a vocabulary page, because they will help students learn about the topic and retain what they learn. Go to the Mnemonics List to learn more.
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