My Goals

I am looking forward to taking this class and learning all about psychology. I took AP Psychology in high school and really enjoyed the class. I want to learn more about how the human mind works. I am very intrigued by the complex and fragile human science.
  • To better understand psychology.
  • To be more conscious of others and what they may be going through.
  • To better understand myself.

My Links

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My Assignments

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I plan on completing my quizzes the sunday before they are due.

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Wiki Assignment 1
July 5th at midnight
- Sb14-1191 Sb14-1191 Jun 29, 2014
Wiki Assignment 2
July 5th at midnight

Wiki Assignment 3
July 12th at midnight

Academic Paragraph 1
July 12th at midnight

Academic Paragraph 2
July 19th at midnight

Academic Paragraph 3
July 26th at midnight

Academic Paragraph 4
August 2nd at midnight

Academic Paragraph 5
August 6th at midnight

Personality Assessments Activity
July 26th at midnight

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July 19th at midnight

July 26th at midnight

August 2nd at midnight

August 4th at midnight

August 7th at midnight

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