Make a Vocabulary Page

  1. Add the word to the correct section of the correct chapter page of the correct book (HGD Table of Contentsor Gen Psych Table of Contents). The chapter pages should look something like this, except all of the links should now be live:
    • link terms.jpg

  2. Turn the word into a dead link

      • Click Edit
        • Edit button with all tabs.jpg
      • Highlight the word (please make sure it is capitalized and spelled correctly)
        • highlight vocab word.jpg
      • Click Link
        • link button.jpg
      • Click Add Link
        • dead link.jpg
      • Click Save
        • Save editing.jpg
  3. Click on the dead link you chose or just made.
  4. The page you are on should say:
    • page doesn't exist.jpg
    • If it doesn't say this, but takes you to a vocab page, that means the page had already been created and had not been linked to the chapter. If this happens, you have found a lost page--good job. Go back to step 1 and pick another word.
  5. Select Vocabulary from the list of templates. Please make sure to select the correct template--DO NOTselect the user template for a vocabulary page!
    • choose vocab template.jpg
  6. Sign and Save
  7. Click Edit again and follow the bracketed instructions on the page to fill it with valuable academic content.
    • See the sample page for formatting guidelines.
    • If you cannot fill a particular section, leave it for someone else to improve on.
      • Do not feel compelled to fill in every section or make the page fully complete.
      • Spend as much or as little time on any one page as you wish
      • You get points for putting in the time whether it's a lot all on one page or a little on several pages
  8. Delete your signature and save the page. Even if you plan on coming back to a page later in the day or the next day, still delete your signature and then re-sign (Step 6) when you want to resume editing.
    • highlight signature and press Delete
      • delete signature.jpg
    • Click Save
      • Save editing.jpg