A small but influential brain structure that regulates hunger, thirst, sexual behavior, internal body temperature, internal body temperature, other body functions, and a wide variety of emotional behaviors
Gen Psych Chapter 2 p.47


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The hypothalamus is like your brain's inner thermostat (that little box on the wall that controls the heat in your house). The hypothalamus knows what temperature your body should be (about 98.6� Fahrenheit or 37� Celsius). If your body is too hot, the hypothalamus tells it to sweat. If you're too cold, the hypothalamus gets you shivering. Both shivering and sweating are attempts to get your body's temperature back where it needs to be.


. Hypothalamus functions: (Hypothalamus wears TAN HATS)
- Thirst and water balance (supraoptic nucleus)
- Adenohypophysis control via releasing factors
- Neurohypophysis releases hormones synthesized in the hypothalamic nuclei
- Hunger (lateral nucleus) and satiety (central nucleus)
- Autonomic regulation (ant hypothalamus regulates parasympathetic activity), circadian rhythms (suprachiasmatic nucleus).
- Temperature regulation (post hypothalamus regulates heat conservation and production when

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Hypothalamus Abnormalities

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