This is the "leaf pile" for students to sort through and find tidbits to add to the wiki. In each list below there are links to stories, blog posts and studies pertaining to class topics. Each link has a short description taken from the first 150 words of that story. Links in the list change from time to time--some more quickly than others--and as new things crop up, it's first come, first served.

BPS Research Digest

This is the research digest of the British Psychological Association--a great source of new studies! Pay special attention to the ones labeled "Feast" or "Extras," because those are usually long lists of new studies, any one of which might make a perfectly good addition to the wiki!
BPS Research Digest

Mind Hacks Blog

"Mind Hacks" is a book series featuring the neuroscience of real life. The authors have their own newsfeed where they talk about neuroscience in the news. While these are usually not studies, they may mention them, and are otherwise excellent sources of news stories.
Mind Hacks
  • An alternative beauty in parenthood by vaughanbell Apr 12, 2017
    Vela has an amazing essay by a mother of a child with a rare chromosomal deletion. Put aside all your expectations about what this article will be ...
  • neurotransmitter fashion by tomstafford Mar 15, 2017
    A graph of scientific articles published per year which mention four major neurotransmitters in their title: What I take from this is Dopamine is k...
  • hormones, brain and behaviour, a not-so-simple story by tomstafford Feb 27, 2017
    There’s a simple story about sex differences in cognition, which traces these back to sex differences in early brain development, which are i...
  • A neuroscientist podcaster explains… by vaughanbell Feb 26, 2017
    There’s a great ongoing podcast series called A Neuroscientist Explains that looks at some of the most important points of contact between ne...
  • Why women don’t report sexual harassment by tomstafford Feb 20, 2017
    Julie A. Woodzicka (Washington and Lee University) and Marianne LaFrance (Yale) report an experiment reminiscent of Milgram’s famous studies ...

Discover Online

Discover Magazine's Mind and Brain newsfeed.
Mind Brain

Seriously, Science?

Discover Magazine's parade of the humorous or bizarre. All of them are actual studies (really!) but not all pertain to class topics.
Seriously, Science?

Science Codex--Brain

New discoveries on all subjects pertaining to the brain and mind.
Science Codex - Brain