My Goals

  • ‍To learn more about psychology.
  • To get an A.
  • ‍Be able to read people better

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My Assignments

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Tuesday at 8:00 pm

Due Date
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Wiki Assignment 1
July 5
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jun 26, 2014
Wiki Assignment 2
July 5
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 11, 2014
Wiki Assignment 3
July 12
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 11, 2014
Academic Paragraph 1
July 12
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 11, 2014
Academic Paragraph 2
July 19
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 19, 2014
Academic Paragraph 3
July 26
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 26, 2014
Academic Paragraph 4
August 2
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Aug 2, 2014
Academic Paragraph 5
August 6
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Aug 6, 2014
Personality Assessments Activity
July 26
- sb14-1181 sb14-1181 Jul 26, 2014

Peer Grading Tracking

Due Date
Page Names
July 19
AP12525, AP12705, AP12844, AP21155, AP21195
July 26
AP21435, AP21220, AP21228, AP21804, AP22881
August 2
AP31804, AP41300, AP51976, AP42780, AP41195
August 6
AP41761, AP51733, AP61862, AP6-1974, AP51804
August 7
AP52889, AP52705, AP52991, AP51645, AP52118

Other Project Tracking

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