Why are you writing an essay?

Please click the appropriate link.

I want to replace a quiz.

I want to earn participation points by writing an Academic Paragraph.

Field Trip Reports and Guest Speaker Reports are considered Academic Paragraphs.

I want to replace the midterm exam.

May also be used to get up to 50 participation points.

I want to replace the final exam.

May also be used to get up to 100 participation points.


Essays written for quiz replacement or participation points are graded by other students. Once the Peer Grading is complete, the score will be posted on Blackboard.

Midterm and Final essays are graded by the instructor according to the Rubrics. Feedback and scores will be given at the bottom of the essay.

Once essays are graded, the link on the peer forum will be moved over to the column Graded Essays. Once the link has been moved to the Points in Blackboard column, the essay score will have replaced your test score in Blackboard--assuming it is higher; if the letter grades are the same, I will add one letter grade for the extra effort. For quiz replacement, 10 participation points will be awarded in addition to replacing the quiz score (calculated as a percentage).