Important Links | Week 1 Handouts | Study Guide

Important Links

Keep current on important dates and events
Barrett's Laws
For reference
Instructions for Homework assignments
Peer Forum
A resource for use on homework assignments
Essay Instructions
Links to instructions for all the different kinds of essays
Core Concepts
Use this to guide your studying before taking the Quizzes
Lecture Slides
Key points for each chapter
Table of Contents
Links to Vocab Words by Chapter
Links to Essay Prompts by Topic
Links to Discussions by Topic
Participation Points
If you miss some in-class activities or find yourself needing more points,
this handout lists alternative ways to earn participation points.
Field Trips
Check out the options for field trips--a great way to earn participation points!

Week 1 Handouts

If you have any questions about the course, check here first.
Study this and the Intro Letter for the first quiz
Course Outline
A week by week list of topics covered and due dates for homework.
Intro Letter
Get to know your professor and his teaching philosophy.
Study this and the Syllabus for the first quiz
Online Resources
Learn how to get started using the wiki
Get directions for accessing the weekly online quizzes
Advice from former students
Learn from previous students' experiences
First Day Worksheet
If you missed this, you can print it, fill it out and turn it in any time.
Technology Contingency Plan
If you missed this, you can print it, fill it out and show it to me for points.
Please keep it for your reference.

Study Guide

  • Prepare for the midterm and final exams by studying the quiz questions