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The methods parents use to control children's behavior. Gen Psych,Chapter 8, pp.260

Authoritarian parenting is one of the parenting styles identified and described by psychologist Diana Baumrind. In this style of parenting, children are expected to follow the strict rules established by the parents. Children are punished, often harshly, when they fail to follow these rules, but authoritarian parents often fail to explain the reasoning behind these rules. If asked to explain, the parent might simply reply, "Because I said so." These parents have high demands, but are not responsive to their children.

Examples of the Parenting Styles


King Triton is an example of the use of an authoritarian parenting style.
King Triton is an example of the use of an authoritarian parenting style.
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Authoritative Parents are usually more supportive, assertive, self-regulated, and understanding. Authoritarian Parents are usually more likely to be autocratic, rigid, directive, "I'm the boss".. "Because I said so". Permissive Parents tend to be more non-directive, over-involved, lenient, indulgent.. "You're the boss". And then there's Uninvolved Parents who are neglectful, passive, uninterested, distant and even absent from their child's life.


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