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Age-related physical changes that have a biological basis and are universally shared and inevitable.
HGD, Chapter 13, p.334


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  • Gray hair
  • Wrinkles
  • Changes in visual acuity
  • Changes in auditory acuity


Primary aging is like the effects that take place in fruit. If you leave a fruit without it being eaten or preserved, then the fruit will inevitably get wrinkled and soft. This same idea applies to people through pimary aging.


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5 Signs an Elderly Person Shouldn't Be Living Alone
There are 5 signs such as healthy but can't live alone safely, early sign of Alzheimer's, physical impairment, changes in personality, and a great burden to the family.

As Elderly People Age: Primary Aging
Primary aging refers to the aspects of the normal aging process that we have no control over. Gerontologists refer to these genetically based and uncontrollable declines in hormones and hormone-like substances produced by the body as trophic factors.

Primary aging, Secondary aging, and Intelligence
The distinction between primary aging, representing innate maturational processes, and secondary aging, representing the effects of environment and disease (Busse, 1969), was used to develop a model for the assessment of factors that are associated with age-related individual differences in intelligence.

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